spooky spiders :: an easy halloween craft for kids

have you seen all the fun halloween decorations sneaking their way into the stores? my kids love going shopping with me and seeing all the fun things. so we’ve taken a break from all our school work this weekend to make a fun halloween craft – we made this super easy creepy spider craft that i remember making as a kid.

let me show you just how easy it is! (scroll down to see the instructions.)

easy halloween craft for kids

all you need are black pipe cleaners (4 per spider), googly eyes, small colored pom-poms, pine cones, and black spray paint. (not pictured: hot glue gun for mom or white school glue for kids.) it’s a really inexpensive craft, especially if you have pine cones falling off your pine trees this time of year!

1. glue the googly eyes onto the pom-poms.

2. spray paint the pine cones black. the blacker the better! allow to dry.

3. glue the eyes onto the top/front of the black pine cones.

4. attach pipe cleaners by wedging the centers into the body of the pine cone. (you can glue them into place if you need them to be extra-secure.) bend and trim pipe cleaners as needed to make spider legs.

see how easy that was?! these are the only spiders i’ll allow near my house! they’re just so cute…well, if you could call a spider cute. we’ll be putting them outside our front door for all the trick-or-treaters when the time comes. hopefully they’re not too creeped out. although that would mean more candy for us…. anyway, have fun crafting with your kids!

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  1. Hahaha
    Memory lane!’

  2. Such a great use for pinecones and a cool Halloween craft for kids to make.


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