caramel & cream cheese apple dip recipe

individual caramel apple dips

while visiting my sister the other day, she showed me a picture she had pinned of a caramel apple dip. she said it was sooo good and told me she gave some to a neighbor and less than a minute later that same neighbor was on the phone asking her for the recipe.

must be good right? it sure sounded good. and looked great!

i couldn’t get it out of my mind. i thought about it day after day until i finally just went to the store and bought the 3 ingredients i needed to make it.

here’s how it went:

all i needed was an 8oz block of cream cheese, prepared caramel dip (found in the produce section beside the apples), and a package of heath bits (in with the chocolate chips section). and, of course, you’ll need granny smith apples to eat the dip with! or just a spoon…it’s up to you!

ingredients for caramel apple dip

the first thing you need to do is soften the cream cheese and then mix in 2 big spoonfuls of the caramel sauce. no measuring here. this picture actually reminds me of one of the pictures for nutella ice cream. and this picture, too, makes me happy! wow, that looks yummy!

caramel and cream cheese for apple dip

mix it until it’s blended together really well and looks like the picture below. put a dollop or two into the bottom of a 1/2 pint jar, or you could spread the entire cream cheese mixture into a glass pie plate (i made it in a pie plate for a family gathering yesterday and it was gone fast!).

bottom layer for caramel apple dip

next, use the rest of the caramel sauce to make the next layer.

caramel layer for apple dip

and then just top with heath bits. slice up some granny smith’s and you’re ready to go!

caramel apple dip recipe

this recipe was found at event trender and they have a really super cute way of presenting it, if you plan on giving them away as gifts. i put my dip into the 1/2 pint jars (it made enough to fill 4 jars) because a) i thought they were adorable, and b) i thought it would help with portion control…it didn’t matter though because i just kept pulling more out of the fridge…. so obviously this is a great recipe and i would highly recommend it. one thing i would note is that i liked it better after it had been in the fridge for a couple of hours rather that eating it right away. but that just might be my preference.

i hope you like it just as much as i did!

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caramel apple dip
Prep time
Total time
  • 1x8oz brick cream cheese, softened
  • 1 container caramel sauce (approx. 16 oz)
  • 1 package heath bits
  • granny smith apples, sliced
  1. mix together thoroughly the cream cheese and 2 big spoonfuls of caramel sauce. spread across the bottom of 4x1/2 pint jars or 1 glass pie plate.
  2. spread the remaining caramel sauce as the second layer.
  3. sprinkle heath bits on top. chill in fridge for a couple hours.
  4. serve with sliced granny smith apples.


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  1. This looks like just what we need for a treat today! Thanks!! I promise to share!

  2. Been dreaming of this for a month, and now that my gallbladder is gone I’m going to make it :) I will give it away to my VT ladies too so I don’t eat it all!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! We love your blog and all the great ideas!

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