skittles ice breaker game

icebreaker game with skittles

i’m a new leader at my church for the 10 and 11 year old girls. i’m brand new to the area and i don’t know anyone my own age, let alone these younger ladies.

so for our first activity, i thought we’d start off with a little get to know you game. i wanted to combine some questions with some fun and, of course, a little bit of a sweet treat! (that’s the best way to win over any group of 10 and 11 year old girls, btw.)

introducing the skittles game.


1. come up with 5 questions (1 for each of the colors in a bag of skittles).

2. put the skittles in a cute little bowl.

3. pass around the bowl, making sure it’s above their heads, as they reach for a skittle.

4. whatever color they pick, that’s the question they have to answer.

5. keep going around the room until everyone has either answered all of the questions, or until all of the skittles are gone.

you’ve probably thought of the one little glitch in this game already: what happens if a person picks the same color twice?  well, you could do a lot of things when that happens. you can just let them eat the skittle and go on to the next person, or they might have to do a little action such as 5 jumping jacks, or they might have to repeat an answer that someone else in the group has given.

this really is a fun icebreaker and can be used for all kinds of groups. and don’t limit it to skittles…m&m’s or mike & ike’s are also a tasty alternative :)

download a pdf copy of the the skittles game

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  1. Love the bowl!
    Did you do the paper work in the background?

  2. Julie Romans says:

    Such a fun idea. I bet they had such a good time. They’re going to love you as a leader!

  3. Very smart

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