free printable calendar :: march 2013

free printable monthly calendars

can 1 person have too many calendars??

i have my monthly calendar + my weekly calendar in my diy cereal box planner. it works & i love it! but i’m really the only one who sees it – my husband has no idea what’s going on unless i remember to tell him.

so i made this calendar to stick up on our fridge so he can see what’s happening everyday before he heads off to work in the morning.

then i keep the same info + all my own lists of to-dos and other important reminders in my own personal planner. sweet deal.

and here’s another sweet deal – you can download it for free! here’s the march 2013 calendar. i’ll have a new one available every month, so keep checking back for your free monthly printable calendar! :) (psst…you can subscribe to my blog and/or follow livecrafteat on facebook and then you’ll know exactly when the new monthly calendar gets posted. awesome!) enjoy.

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  1. Thank you! I was needing one. Love the colour green you chose.

  2. I like the green too. I printed it out and it’s on my fridge. So helpful (and cheaper than buying one at the store). Thanks!

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