the 10 best family home evening resource sites

it comes every week – monday night. it used to be around dinner time that we would start to think about what we were going to do for family home evening that night. and we would usually be able to think of a topic, but finding the resources to pull it all together would be time consuming and made for a little bit of a rushed-feeling activity.

i’ve since pulled out my box of fhe kits from our recent move (more on those later) and find myself loving the organization and feeling that comes with being prepared. since i love it so much, i’m adding more content to our existing files and thought i would share with you a list of some of my favorite family home evening resource sites (in no particular order):

*update!* i’ve added 15 more sites with fhe resources that i’ve come across…so far there’s a total of 25! hope you find what you’re looking for!

spiritually speaking

1. image via …and spiritually speaking – this is a fun site for fhe ideas – she has outlines that you can use that include object lessons, activities, etc.

family home evening

2. image via family home evening: life lessons made easy – ok, so this site seems to be entirely dedicated to family home evening lessons and activities! they have lessons on many different topics, so you’re likely to find something that will work for you and your family!

family home evening

3. image via teach lds children – i love this site because a lot of fhe lessons are based on stories in the book of mormon! these would be great for kids in senior primary.


4. image via family home evening lessons – this is a great resource site – she has great lessons and printables and it looks like everyone is having so much fun in her pictures! can’t wait to try out some of these ideas!


5. image via family home evenings and more – this site is really organized – she has an entire fhe lesson index, as well as ready-to-print fhe lessons!

chocolate on my cranium

6. image via chocolate on my cranium – this site also has a master list of fhe lessons that she’s organized alphabetically. she also has them for you to download and print.

fhe lessons

7. image via fhe lessons – this site will give you a wide variety of topics to choose from – everything from testimony to tithing settlement! they also have great recipes for the treat portion!

in the banana stand

8. image via family home evening lessons – this site has great stories and fabulous printables for you to use in your family home evening!

blue skies ahead

9. image via blue skies ahead – this site is super fun! what kid wouldn’t love to do a “nephi’s courage obstacle course,” build jerusalem out of legos, or make tattle monsters out of kleenex boxes??! any kid would love these fun, yet gospel-centered activities!

the idea door

10. image via the idea door – this site has a huge list of resources for fhe – everything from lessons, printables, scripture reading charts, game ideas, helps for families, etc….

safely gathered in

11. image via safely gathered in – this site is unique in that the several fhe ideas they have are all based on emergency preparedness! love that.

lds org

12. image via (2013 primary outline) – what a great way to reinforce what your children are learning at church than by following along with the sharing time schedule! even if you use it as a supplement to ask questions about what they learned on sunday.

six sisters' stuff

13. image via six sisters’ stuff – these ladies have some great ideas on ways to spend fun, quality time with your family!

prepared not scared

14. image via prepared not scared – along with other lds resources, this site has great printables to go along with the fhe lesson plans.

bits of everything

15. image via bits of everything – even though there are only a few fhe lessons on this site, they look really fun and are definitely worth checking out!

holy handouts fhe resource

16. image via holy handouts – i love this one because she’s colorful, clean, and consolidates useful information. plus, i love the fhe planner she’s got. so fun.

a year of fhe - family home evening online resource

17. image via a year of fhe – she’s got a lot of great ideas and free printables on this site. the best part is that she has pretty much your whole evening planned…everything from the scripture and opening song to the lesson and activity. it’s so easy to follow. (p.s. despite the blog name, she’s got way more than a year’s worth of family home evening plans!)

the family home evening spot - an online family home evening resource

18. image via the family home evening spot – similar to #2 on this list, she’s got the whole thing planned for you. she’s got great activity/object lesson ideas.

teach lds children - fhe online resource

19. image via teaching lds children – this one’s great for visuals as well as ideas for discussion. she even has reading assignments for during the week. gotta love that.

america jane - online family home evening resource

20. image via america jane – there may not be very many topics on this site geared directly toward family home evening, but the ones they do have are awesome. i really like how she takes them and shows you how you can use activities in the lesson to help your children fulfill their faith in god or scouting requirements.

inkablinka fhe resource

21. image via inkablinka – i’m just linking to a single fhe idea for this one, but it’s an idea that is super cute and i think it would be really fun for a family home evening. she has other lds resources on her site, so feel free to look around and you just might get some ideas to put together your own fhe.

oopsey daisy - online fhe resource

22. image via oopsey daisy – she’s got some great ideas for organizing your fhe lessons. and they’re cute, too! she also goes through the structure of a family home evening. very useful when you’re trying to make them consistent.

sugardoodle - online fhe resource

23. image via sugardoodle – i think most people know about sugardoodle! needless to say, they’ve got tons of fabulous ideas here.

family home evening resource book - online fhe resources

24. image via family home evening resource book – the name says it all. this book is definitely a huge resource. it has so many topics, and each one is packed with great ideas. i love how it has the purpose for each lesson…sometimes it’s easy to lose track of why we’re teaching what we’re teaching. and it’s so convenient to get all of this information online.

lds nursery manual - fhe online resource

25. image via lds nursery manual – this one is fabulous for younger primary-aged children. i think it is so great that you can follow along with the nursery program and be doing some of the same activities and focusing on the same topics during the week as they do in nursery on sunday.


hope you’ve enjoyed my list of the 10 25 best online family home evening resources. each one is useful and inspirational to me. hope you enjoy them, too.

by the way, what are your favorites? let me know in the comments.

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  1. Julie Romans says:

    Thanks for the resources. A good FHE website is always so nice. I’ll be sure to check them out! Thanks!

  2. Nice links! Thanks for the shout out. :)

  3. I just wanted to suggest my site as well. I offer a free year long resource I call “FHE Made Easy.” It’s SO simple, even the most slacker among us (namely, me) can do it. It’s pretty much print and go, or even better, open tablet/ipad and go! I post each lesson* on Monday mornings so be sure to follow along on Facebook to get your weekly reminder. Thanks!

    *You can also buy the entire year in advance for only $10, but that’s entirely optional, of course.

  4. I would like to add one to this list for anyone that is interested. This is an awesome site with PDFs for everything. Very well thought out and planned.

  5. Here’s a link to my ready-to-print FHE index:

  6. Emily@ ReMarkableHome says:

    Another great one is

  7. angie boyce says:

    this is an incredible site!! thank you so much for all of the resources! I have a very important question you. Do know how I can get these in spanish? are you aware of this site that is for spanish language? there is such a demand for it and I cannot find anything anywhere! It makes me feel real bad! I just wondered if you in all of your efforts have any idea where I can find such a thing! Need of the same thing but in Spanish.! Thanks again!

    • Hi Angie! Great question! I’ve tried looking before for Spanish FHE resources and they’re really difficult to find! I don’t know of any right now, but if I find any, I’ll pass them along!

  8. Thanks for including me! Such a fun list!


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