etsy shop update :: november 2015

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i hope everyone is enjoying the crisp fall air, some hot chocolate, and a warm blanket to cozy up with. i've been sitting near the computer the past couple weeks doing just that while i updated my etsy shop with some 2016 calendars and planners (a lot of people have been asking for them!), and a few other lovely things. so i just wanted to fill you … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: november 2015

printable november 2015 calendar

i have to say, preparing all the 2016 calendars for my etsy shop and for the blog i almost forgot we were still in 2015! i'm getting way ahead of myself. but the year IS coming to a close and i am really looking forward to all the fun, family-filled holidays coming up soon. and the changing leaves. and the smell of cinnamon in the air. and lots, … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: october 2015

free printable october 2015 calendar

the only thing scarier about october and halloween is that winter will soon be arriving! though, after this super hot summer weather (we're still having!) i don't know that i'm too disappointed. as long as the snow stays away until christmas, i'll be one happy camper.i'm getting ready for this month by dusting off all of my favorite soup … [Continue reading]

the ultimate guide to general conference with kids :: updated october 2015

activities, packets, and other ideas for general conference with kids, october 2015

it's my favorite time of the year again! i love that unlike normal holidays (can this be considered a holiday?!), general conference comes twice a year! that's double the inspiration, double the time spent with my family, and double the treats! we always have a special breakfast on Conference Sunday - french toast with strawberries and whipped … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: september 2015

september 2015 monthly calendar

this past summer was great, but i'm not going to lie: i can't wait for the cooler weather to come! i'm not talking about *cold* winter weather with snow and blistering winds and the like, just something less than 95 degrees! when i was a kid i used to love the heat but the older i get, the more i prefer the comfort of air conditioned buildings … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: august 2015

free august 2015 printable

i say this every year, but i truly believe that summer is the one season that flies by the fastest. (if only i could say the same for winter!) in just a few short weeks we'll be back to school, and i know i'll be wishing i had squeezed every last bit of summer vacation out of those last few days. so i'm printing out my august calendar now and am … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: july 2015

free printable july 2015 calendar

family, popsicles, slip 'n slides, fireworks, bbqs, evenings on the porch...this is what july is made of! summer is in full swing around here. with canada day today, we'll be whipping up some of these homemade nanaimo bars (a canadian favourite!),and these oh-so-easy-to-make big turk chocolate bar wannabe's. you do what you can when you don't … [Continue reading]

summer fun calendar for kids :: 2015

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it is summertime again! for anyone whose kids have finished school and are looking foward to the summer months ahead with kids at home, you know that it can be a bit challenging to keep kids happily occupied for those long summer days. last year i made a file-folder version of these calendars which included:1) the calendars … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: june 2015

june 2015 printable calendar

i can't believe the month of may went by so fast. i wish time would stop flying like that! i love every single day even though they can be busy and hectic and a little bit crazy. if i couldn't write everything down i know i'd forget almost everything i had to do/go to/accomplish on any given day. are you like me?unfortunately it doesn't look … [Continue reading]

easy weeknight meal :: chicken parmigiana

chicken parmesan recipe

i am one of those people who loves spending time in the kitchen. whether it's chopping up vegetables for some homemade chicken pot pie, baking a german chocolate cake for my hubby, or whipping up some cream for my homemade nutella ice cream, i love it all! but due to recent time contraints i haven't been able to spend nearly as much time in my … [Continue reading]