how i organized my entire christmas :: holiday planner

how i organized my entire christmas

most of the time when december rolls around, i often hear the "here we go again" phrase accompanied by a long sigh. the holiday season can be stressful - there are so many events such as kids' christmas concerts, work parties, get-togethers with family and friends, not to mention all the other things we need to remember such as buying and wrapping … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: december 2014

free printable december 2014 monthly calendar

  this is the time of year when i think these 2 things:1. didn't december *just* happen? i always feel very acutely just how fast the past year has flown by because it always seems like we just finished getting through december from the year before.2. here comes the crazy busy where-did-december-go days. there is always SO … [Continue reading]

free thanksgiving printable activities for kids

free thanksgiving printable activities for kids

i'm gearing up for the holidays with lots of menu planning which always leads me to think about how thanksgiving dinner is going to play out. the last few years my kids seem to always get antsy right about the time that the turkey is coming out of the oven and the vegetables are finishing up roasting and the potatoes are needing to be … [Continue reading]

thanksgiving printable banner template :: great idea for a kids’ thanksgiving craft!

bunting banner templates and tutorial

i have to say, my decorations for holidays (ALL holidays!) at the moment are pretty sparse. i can't quite pin down why...though it could be due to the fact that since our married days began we've either been in school with no money for such things, or with young children who kept me so busy i couldn't find any time or energy to clean the house let … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: november 2014

november 2014 calendar feature

it's coming! the end of the year craziness. didn't last year's crazy november/december just happen, like, yesterday? it sure feels like it. this year went by way to fast for me! i've already got a few thanksgiving things to do/prep for planned out: homemade turkey stuffing is a must fresh cranberry sauce's my favorite thing about … [Continue reading]

easy holiday fabric bunting

holiday fabric bunting tutorial

i'll be the first to admit that halloween is not my favorite holiday. i have absolutely no decorations (except these adorable pine cone spiders that we made last year), no pumpkin carving skills to speak of, and i can't stomach most of the garish costumes and decorations that come with halloween.this was no problem until my kids started to grow … [Continue reading]

easy italian pasta salad

easy tri-color pasta salad

pasta, beautiful pasta. we've been eating a lot of it recently. pasta is is a good way to keep everything affordable, it keeps for a long time in the pantry, and it's great for holding so many amazing and varying flavors. it's also filling, and my kids love all the different shapes and colors we use. when we go to a restaurant that has anything … [Continue reading]

*UPDATED* lds word searches for kids

*new* lds word searches for kids

a few months ago, before the april general conference, i posted a set of 3 lds word searches for kids. they included topics such as latter-day prophets, books in the book of mormon, and the articles of faith. i made these because my oldest was getting into word searches and i couldn't find very many lds-themed ones. so i made my own, and i shared … [Continue reading]

*UPDATED* october 2014 general conference activity guide for kids

updated for october 2014 :: a huge list of lds general conference activities for kids - sure to keep them happily occupied during conference!!

it's the moment you've been waiting ultimate guide to general conference activities for kids post has finally been updated for october 2014!after experiencing some technical difficulties, it's finally done, and just in the nick of time! i've been preparing our general conference activities for the good part of today and use … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: october 2014

free printable october 2014 calendar

this is one of my favorite times of the year. outside, the air feels a little crisper, the bugs start to go away (hallelujah!), and the leaves begin their transformation into beautiful colors. it reminds me of all my husband's football games i went to watch in high school and university. i begin to go into hibernation mode and stock up my pantry, … [Continue reading]