homemade caramel popcorn recipe :: the perfect afternoon treat

sweet & chewy & gooey homemade caramel popcorn recipe

if there's one things my kids repeatedly ask for for an afternoon snack, it's popcorn. they love it. and who would blame them? it's so much fun to watch the kernels pop, and then to get to eat them with some salt and butter...it's delicious! one afternoon we switched it up with some caramel popcorn. now my youngest always requests it! though, i … [Continue reading]

*UPDATED* april 2014 general conference guide for kids

general conference for kids

just a quick note to let you all know that the general conference resources page for kids has been updated for this upcoming april general conference!! there are quite a number of ideas for helping your children stay happily occupied during all 8 hours of conference. i hope you find this resource page as useful as i have! you can find the … [Continue reading]

lds word searches for kids :: free printables for general conference!

book of mormon, articles of faith, latter-day prophets word searches for kids

  i am so excited that general conference is coming! it really gets me thinking about having and preparing special church-related activities for my kids. my oldest kid is really into word searches and crossword puzzles these days, so i thought it would be fun to make a few of the former for him to have for general conference time. having … [Continue reading]

a year with six sisters’ stuff :: a review & giveaway!!

a year with six sisters' stuff cookbook review and giveaway

    i'm so happy to offer you a book review & giveaway for the new "a year with six sisters' stuff" cookbook! you might remember i did a post on their first book (which you can find here), and i totally loved it. this new one is just as great. it's a little bit different from their first book in terms of the organization … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: april 2014

free april 2014 calendar printable

i know it's not the same everywhere, but where i live there is currently no snow to be seen, and i've been going outside and running errands in just a long-sleeved shirt, if not a t-shirt! our trees are actually starting to show little tiny buds and i've seen people outside starting to work on their gardens. i'm not saying this to make anyone … [Continue reading]

double chocolate cookies

double chocolate cookie recipe

i don't usually have a hankering for chocolate, but when i do i need lots of it! these double chocolate cookies totally take care of that craving. chocolate batter + chocolate chips = chocolate heaven! ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, cocoa, baking soda, salt, chocolate chips. pretty easy, right? it's as simple to make as … [Continue reading]

homemade asian chicken salad with sesame dressing

asian chicken pasta salad

i grew up in a pretty multi-cultural area. there were lots of different ethnic restaurants around...egyptian, korean, greek, italian, indian, you name it. there was a particular chinese restaurant that my family really liked and we'd frequently go there for lunch or order take-out for dinner and i always, always ate seconds...and thirds. i just … [Continue reading]

money games for kids and melissa and doug giveaway

3 ways to help teach your kids about money

this post is sponsored by melissa & doug. it contains affiliate links. keep scrolling down to check out the amazing GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post: $130 worth of toys could be yours for FREE - that's a great way to save your money!!   my kids are still pretty young, but they are becoming increasingly aware of money and how it can … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: march 2014

march 2014 monthly calendar - free printable

i have a feeling march is going to be a lucky month. i'm feeling motivated to work a little harder, and as the quote i have on my fridge says, "the harder you work, the luckier you get." maybe i'm feeling this way because the sun is finally shining after so many grey and gloomy days, or maybe it's because i'm just tired of wasting my time on … [Continue reading]

crock pot macaroni & cheese

easy slow cooker macaroni and cheese

i know i'm not the only one who loves mac and cheese. i ate it growing up. a lot. my kids love it too. and truth be told...they'll only eat homemade. true story. so while there are times when i don't mind spending more time in the kitchen making a nice creamy cheese sauce, most times i prefer something that pretty much cooks itself. which is why … [Continue reading]