free printable calendar :: september 2014

freebie calendars

so, summer's over, and i'm i little bit sad about it. i do like the smell of suntan lotion. i like how the sun rises early in the morning to wake me up. i like how my hair gets lighter just from being outside. the only thing to console me is that autumn is one of the best seasons of all! first and foremost, there are less and less bugs! it's not … [Continue reading]

cream cheese fruit dip :: with orange zest and ginger

amazing cream cheese fruit dip with orange zest and ginger

if there's one thing i love about summer it's all the varieties of fruit that are in season and that are so readily available in the markets and grocery stores. i just can't get enough! they are all so, so yummy. the other day while we were out at the store and walking through the produce aisle my youngest made a game of trying to find things in … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: august 2014

free printable august calendar

it is official - summer goes by way too fast! i absolutely LOVE having my kids home with me, but i do remember at the beginning of the summer wondering what in the world we'd do with everyone at home all. day. long. (which is why i created this summer calendar for kids - it has been awesome and a total life saver, by the way!) but now that summer … [Continue reading]

easy peasy chicken tetrazzini

easy peasy chicken tetrazzini

we happened to have a sunday a few weeks ago where we had the entire afternoon at home. so what did i do? i spent my time making a big sunday dinner, of course! and my favorite kind of food - pasta. i flipped through my family's cookbook and found a recipe that my sister had put in for chicken tetrazzini. if i'm at a restaurant and the menu options … [Continue reading]

southwestern couscous salad :: with homemade dressing

southwestern couscous salad recipe

  i  love a good summer salad. this southwestern couscous salad is great for summer because it uses a lot of fresh ingredients and is a cold salad which makes it so refreshing in the summer heat and goes great with other summer favorites like barbecue! it's also a cinch to put together - with a few chopped vegetables and cilantro, some … [Continue reading]

free printable calendar :: july 2014

free monthly calendar :: july 2014

oh, this month is going to be so good! canada day AND the 4th of july, family in town, and lots (and lots!) of yummy bbq grub! yup, july is going to be a good month! we've got so many parties, events, and fun summer activities to plan out, so i'm printing out my calendar today and jotting it all in. my kids have their summer fun calendars … [Continue reading]

how and why i menu plan.

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menu planning has been around forever. and it's no secret why: planning out your meals makes life so much easier! here are 3 of my favorite reasons to meal plan... 1. it saves  time. the whole process of looking through grocery store ads for deals, planning out the meals we're going to eat for the upcoming week, and making a grocery list can … [Continue reading]

easy tie-themed father’s day crafts for kids

father's day crafts for kids

i used to love making little gifts for my dad for father's day when i was a kid. where i grew up, school wasn't out for the summer until the end of june so we got to make all sorts of fun things at school, like pinch pots (which my dad still has...and uses!), paper cards with hearts all over them, and hand-drawn pictures of "my dad." now i have … [Continue reading]

live craft eat calendar page now live!

free calendars

good tuesday morning everyone! do you know what's going on today? well, i don't know what you've got going on, but i've got my tuesday full of some fun activities (playing with kids) and other necessary to-dos (chores/errands). the only way i can keep everything straight is by writing it all down on a calendar. i swear by calendars - if  i don't … [Continue reading]

summer potato salad

potato salad with red potatoes

summer is my favorite season. it's hot out, we can wear flip-flops, and we get to eat all the amazing outdoor summer food we want (right?!). this is one of our favorite potato salad recipes. i always make it on a summer holiday like memorial day or the 4th of july because it goes along so great with whatever outdoor meal i have planned. philly … [Continue reading]