Activities, Games and Ideas For General Conference With Kids – The Ultimate Guide

ideas, games, and activities for general conference with kids

Get comfortable because this is the most extensive list of resources and ideas for conference activities for kids out there. (A lot of these can be used for family home evenings as well.)

I’ve pinned as much of this stuff as possible on my General Conference Pinterest board.

Please email me at info at livecrafteat dot com or leave a comment for anything that I’ve missed and I’ll add it to the list. I’ll be updating this every 6 months to keep it as current and robust as possible.

I love General Conference. Each year I really do look forward to the first weekend of April and October respectively to hear the leaders of the LDS church speak. I also love kids. But in all honesty sometimes the combination of these two things makes both miserable. How to entertain kids for 8 hours (not counting 2 hours while my husband is at the Priesthood session) during general conference is no small order. And I only have 2! For some it’s double or triple the work.  With this in mind I wanted to create the ultimate resource list of General Conference activities for kids.

I’ve split it into six sections:

  • Resources: These are the best online resource sites for conference activities out there. These include posts similar to this one as well as sites dedicated only to entertaining kids during Conference.
  • Games/Activity Ideas: A list of game and activity ideas for children including links to pictures and tutorials.
  • Booklets and Packets: Browse through this list of the General Conference activity packets and booklets found across the internet.
  • Baskets and Kits: Browse through this list of the General Conference baskets and kits.
  • General Conference Notebooks
  • General Conference  Pinterest Boards

***Updated September 27, 2015***

Best Resources – In No Particular Order


Official Resource from the LDS Church

This is the Church’s official resource. It includes on and offline matching games, coloring templates, and even a conference bingo game (“Conference Squares”) for kids to mark off as they hear speakers mention certain Gospel topics or people. In addition to this, I would highly recommend the Church’s article on Preparing Our Children for General Conference – there are some good ideas and thoughts written there.

About’s GC Games & Activities

This is’s section of General Conference children’s activities. They actually have a LONG LIST of printables and activities for the kids to play during General Conference. These games include bingo, flash cards, word searches and much more.

LDS Living Resource List

LDS Living has a post from earlier this year that features some creative kids’ activities for Conference from other bloggers in the Mormon blogosphere.

2 Kids and Tired

Holly has an amazing list of conference activities for kids including packets, games, post-conference FHE ideas, etc. Even better she has it broken down by topic so it’s easy to jump off to whatever it is you need. Similar to ours she updates every six months.

Mormon Share

Mormon Share has a nice list of games and activities that include quizzes, coloring sheets with fact sheets and much more. *I’ve linked to their home page since they updated their site and the old link wasn’t working. Their Conference Activities must be on there somewhere but I can’t seem to find them!*


This article has a good list of printable games for different age ranges including toddlers up to 14 years old.

A Little Tipsy

Michelle at A Little Tipsy has some very creative ideas including a bracelet and sundae based on what speakers say and even a temple memory game, and a compilation of “15 LDS General Conference Activities

A Year Of FHE – Here and Here

Emilie at A Year of FHE has a couple of great lists of 15 Conference activities for kids including kits & packets, a conference journal, bingo, coloring pages and printables.

Sassy Sites

A great list of resources including treat buckets, LDS Jenga, guessing games and more.

Food Storage and Beyond

This site contains a great list of resources with a similar breakdown to our list here at Live Craft Eat.

Sugar Doodle

Sugar Doodle, of course, has a long list of General Conference Ideas – from Family Home Evening to Music Time Ideas and everywhere in between.

The Idea Door

This site has various activities for General Conference including Crosswords, YW and Activity Day Ideas, and Workbooks.

Kiki Comin

A fun list of free printable games  for General Conference.

LDS Games


a great list of LDS games and printables.

List of Kids Activities and Games For General Conference


The list below includes games – word searches, bingo, coloring, matching, memory – , activities, educational hints and tips, counsel from authorities on general conference and everything in between.

  1. General Authority Bingo – 8 different cards as well as printable faces here,
  2. General Conference Bingo – 12 different bingo boardsfrom The Friend, Latter-Day Chatter, Johnson Family, Melonheadz, herehere, here, here, here
  3. Word Searches – Prophet word search, LDS word search, lots or word searches hereProphet & Apostle word search, Joseph Smith word search, For the Strength of Youth word search, LDS Easter word search, latter-day prophet, book or mormon, articles of faith word searches + more topics – *updated!, general conference wordsearch
  4. Fill-in-the Blanks – here
  5. Dot-to-Dot Activities – various dot to dot printables, here, temple dot-to-dot, here, here
  6. Crossword Puzzles – here, primary song crosswords,
  7. Prophets & Apostles Matching Games – Prophet cards here, how-to make your own, Apostle Flash Cards, Matching Game or “Go Fish”, prophets and apostles cards
  8. Apostle Identifying & Matching Games – here, here, herehere, here, here, here, here, here, here, here
  9. Temple Matching Game – here
  10. Temple Puzzle – here
  11. Draw The Speaker activity – here
  12. Temple Matching Game – here
  13. Coloring Pages – LDS Church, LDS Clipart, A Year of FHE, LDS Coloring Pages, really cute LDS coloring pages, October GC Coloring Page, April GC Coloring Page, Easter General Conference coloring page, A Little Tipsy, Autumn Conference Coloring Word Sheet, list of coloring pages from, color-by-number, here, here
  14. Fact sheets – First Presidency & 12 Apostle fact sheets,
  15. Quizzes – General Conference Trivia Game, Conference Questions Jar, General Conference Questionnaire, Who Am I?, Trivia Game
  16. Treat Ideas – treat buckets, & picture treat buckets, otter pop idea, candy jars, candy game, Conference M&Ms idea, Treat Bowls, Gatorade Idea, here
  17. Sundae Game – here, here
  18. Bracelet Game – here
  19. Conference Jenga – Little LDS Ideas,
  20. Dry Erase Activities – a binder full of ideas here
  21. Guessing Games – statistical report guessing game and more,
  22. Mazes  – lots of mazes here, here
  23. Lacing Cards here, Creative Homemakers, here, alphabet lacing cards
  24. Activity Bags – here, here, here, here, here (preschool), here (toddler), nursery-age, here
  25. Note Taking Templates – for older children,
  26. Conference Train – build a train when hearing certain words
  27. Conference Reverence Tent – here, here
  28. Conference Walls – here, Our Conference Centerhere, here, here, here, here, here, another conference center idea
  29. Conference Socks – here
  30. File Folder Games – Little Family Fun, Eternal Families, here
  31. Quiet Books – This Little Project, Creative Homemaker, Just Sweet and Simple, Grey Square Designs, Simply Fresh Designs
  32. Conference Collage – here
  33. Conference Breakfast ideas – Conference Pancakes
  34. Illustrate a Primary Song – here
  35. General Conference “Snickers & Hugs” – here
  36. General Conference Countdown – here, here
  37. Preparing for Conference – here
  38. General Conference Pillow & Blanket – here & here
  39. General Conference Magic Carpets – here
  40. General Conference Door Sign – here
  41. “C” is for Conference (Conference ideas starting with the letter “C”) – here
  42. General Conference Easter Egg Hunt – here
  43. General Conference Spy Glass – here
  44. General Conference FHE ideas – here, here
  45. General Conference Invitations – here
  46. General Conference Tree – here
  47. General Conference Apps for Kids – here
  48. General Conference Motivator – here
  49. Conference Cash Activity – here
  50. Conference M&M printable – here
  51. Hidden Pictures – here, here
  52. General Conference Paper Doll Set – here
  53. Conference Watcheshere
  54. Prophet Box – here
  55. General Conference Headbands game – here
  56. Lego Temple – here
  57. Popsicle Stick Puzzles – here
  58. Magnetic Games for kids – here
  59. File Folder Game – “conference is awesome”
  60. Guess the Apostle – General Conference “Who’s Who?” sheet
  61. Play dough Mats – here
  62. Apostle Tie Game – here
  63. Questions for Conference – here
  64. General Conference Countdown Activities – here
  65. General Conference Motivators – here
  66. LDS Origami Projects – here
  67. General Conference Basketball – here

General Conference Booklets & Packets For Kids

The Mormon Home – General Conference Photo Books

The Red Headed Hostess – General Conference Doodle Flip Book – Conference Notebook

Over the Big Moon – General Conference Packet for School-Age Kids

LDS Lane – General Conference mini books

Fluffy Bunny Feet Designs – General Conference Packets for Primary Kids

I Candy Handmade – a dry erase binder full of ideas

The Red Headed Hostess – Note-Taking Packet

Crystal Shares – Conference Pre-school age Journal

Food Storage & Beyond – a lot of cute packets here, here

Sugardoodle – October 2012 Conference Packets, April 2012 Conference Packets, April 2011 Conference Packets, October 2011 Conference Packets, here, here, here, here, here, April 2014 PacketOctober 2014 Packet, and another October 2014 Packet, October 2015 Packet

Deseret Book – My Conference Booklet

Latter-Day Chatter – General Conference Teaching Sheets & Binder/Packet Covers

Magnify = Simplify – General Conference Packet

Finch Family Games – Conference Activity Book ($1)

The Idea Door – General Conference Booklets, General Conference Booklet from Hatch Patch

Just One Mom Trying – Activity Packet for Nursery

Mormon Cartoonist – General Conference Activity Packet, October 2015 General Conference Activity Packet

Book of Mormon Discovery – Learn about President Monson Packet 

Confessions of a Slacker Mom – LDS Preschool Curriculum Activities

LDS Bookstore – 2013 General Conference Activity Packet

Prepared LDS Family – Activity Notebook for Primary Kids

Life’s Journey to Perfection – General Conference Printable for Primary



General Conference Baskets & Kits For Kids

Snippets and Pretties – General Conference Kit

Somewhat Simple – General Conference Goody Crate

Gluesticks – General Conference Kits

Homemaking Fun – Conference Kits for Kids

YW Believe – General Conference Kit

A Bushel and a Peck – Come Hear a Prophet’s Voice

Blue Skies Ahead – Don’t Let One Minute of Conference Go To “Waste”

Creativity, Musings & Such – Activity Baskets

Johnson Family – Conference Basket Ideas

Inkablinka – General Conference Basket

We Love Being Moms – General Conference Basket for kids


General Conference Notebooks

A Lively Hope – General Conference Doodle Notebook

Cookie Nut Creations – notebook

Prepared Not Scared – binder cover

A Bushel and a Peck – Conference Journals

Latter-day Chatter – Conference Journal Notebook Cover

Live Craft Eat – dollar-store notebook re-done, make a cute journal/notebook from a cereal box, general conference activity board, matchbook notebooks

BYU Women’s Conference Resources – General Conference Journal

Our Scribbled Walls – General Conference Prep Pack

A Day in My Life – General Conference Journal

All Things Bright & Beautiful – Printable Notebook Tabs

LDS Nest – Conference Journal Cards

Belinda’s Great Ideas – Question & Answer Cards

Pinterest Boards With General Conference Activities



Let me know in the comments and at (info at livecrafteat dot com) what I’ve missed so I can add it!We appreciate all the talented people who make all these activities and ideas available for us to use!!

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